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It is an average container. Merely a storage tank with a filter as well as a cover. It is quite unequal while resting on the container. The plastic is not as thick as in most aquariums, the filter has one cartage that simply lately has actually been offered on amazon. At first u could not find portable dvd player for kids anywhere. Considering that dampness obtain to it however u could purchase a substitute hood or merely the light strip which u will not be able to take out, the hood light will not last lengthy. I purchased this after looking at many fish tank sets that I believed would certainly be great for a betta fish. It shows up to be an excellent starter container, however the lights looks like a possible trouble if it ever before requires to be switched out.

I bought this as a quarantine tank, mostly because it possessed every little thing you require for a fast fundamental configuration (although crushed rock as well as decors are advised, as lots of people fish actually do require “concealing locations” – particularly if they are currently ill, or you suspect they are unwell). I don’t like the curved acrylic as it distorts the view of the fish, and really makes it difficult to see into all regions of the tank (hence the four stars), but otherwise this thing is a champ and does exactly what it’s designed to do. I acquired this at Petco for 29.99 and also there were no fractures in the container like others on below stated there were. Thankfully I had a filter from the 1 gallon mini bow container I purchased formerly. Generally a great starter storage tank however the filter is a significant issue.

The downside of this aquarium is that the filter is on the middle top and as a result the surface of the water in the entire aquarium is swirling all the time. I bought it to put baby guppies in and for top feeders, especially young ones, this is not ideal. Besides than that the aquarium looks nice and works well. The lights and also pump are functioning effectively and also was really simple to establish up. The only factor I did not such as concerning this fish tank is the component where it contours on the front 2 sides. It misshapes the sight of the fishes inside the storage tank.

The filter that came with this went out within a couple weeks. The lights were fantastic for the very first month, yet then began to get dimmer and also dimmer. I ultimately simply rowing machine workouts removed the lid altogether as well as rigged up an old hood merely so I could possibly see my guppy fry.
On the plus side, it proves out. That and also that it suits where I desired it to fit are the only positives I could think about for this fish tank.

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The blue lights went complied with by the white ones. I view others experienced the very same problem with the lights so be alerted. A+ for the storage tank as well as filter yet F for faulty lights as well as bad client solution. After regarding 2 months, the LED light strip started to rust due to water condensation inside of the plastic real estate. It was very easy to clear out the initial 2 or 3 times, however the resisters started to corrosion and also wear, as well as at some point components started to drop off as well as the light neglected totally. I would recommend inversion tables either sealing the plastic housing with silicone, or purchasing a water proof LED strip separately once the included one wears.

4 celebrities because the style makes it inevitable that the included stip will eventually neglect, but 5 superstars for customer care! It’s it a smaller sized storage tank as well as if you go by the policies you could simply suit concerning 5 inches really worth of fish in it (1 inch each gallon). The lights still function, the filter is still going. As long as you stick to the fish guidelines and also feed like every various other day the container will certainly remain tidy, I simply run the filter at evening, as well as your fish will certainly be pleased

We have had the container for concerning 2 weeks. The lights are awesome, other than now they will not transform off all the method and also I have to disconnect for security worries.
The filter has sucked fish to it and also clogged or something already. Water permeated right into the cover, so the lights no much longer function. There is a tube home pull up bar on the filter and also it has little positions, all of the infants were drawn up right into the filter. Watch your fish obtaining sucked away by means of the filter tube.

The container and the lights are great; BUT the filter broke down after 3 days. I occupied the tank with a variety of plants and when I took the filter apart to determine why it quit working suddenly, I located a number of the water weed leaves in it. I didn’t believe it would give out on me so effortlessly, but I suspect it did. This would have been an extremely excellent deal had it not been for the faulty filter which is why I am still leaving this 2 superstars.

bronze sponsorsThe leading where the light is, acquires so damp in some cases that the lights gave up functioning. The filter functions with elliptical machine benefits wonderful and also keeps the container tidy also with 2 goldfish. The lights nevertheless are rally bad high quality. While you’re waiting its inside evening time for your bad fish.

My future husband as well as I purchased this Fish container simply for enjoyable as well as have as a guppy storage tank as well as we could not be healthier. I would deffinatly get this container once again and also reccomend it to anybody.

Have not mounted it yet considering that all of an abrupt one day I came back to my house as well as the leds were on. Do not understand just how yet they function with best lawn mower many of the time now. Merely obtained my storage tank from postal. The led light switch came all torn up, the rubber on leading merely torn up and also or missing out on. Plug in the hood of it as well as of training course the LED’s do not function at all.

A couple of months after that, one of the strings of lights on the hood went out and also have actually been out ever before because. I have actually looked the net for substitute lights to no make use. Now (as well as this factor isn’t really also a year aged- purchased it last Christmas)… the light button doesn’t work well and can be challenging to turn the light on and off.


I utilize them day-to-day as well as no water or condensation has actually dripped right into their area. The hood shuts uniformly and also tight. He additionally suches as having fun in the water present as well as “hitching a trip” downward to the base of the storage tank when he does not really feel like swimming himself, the current will delicately press him down to his location.
The only troubles i have actually had was that the container wall surfaces damage extremely quickly and also the additional best pressure washer in the cover that offers the alternative of positioning a heating unit or larger filter is very difficult to open as well as i spent virtually an hour prying the seals off the covers merely so i could place in my heating system. Aside from that, its an excellent buy as well as my Betta likes it.

The initial storage tank was fantastic as well as would certainly have obtained 5 celebrities. The filter is horrendous, best air conditioner and also leaves the water dirty. Now my youngsters understand all concerning fish fatality after simply a couple of days with this container. The dimension is simply right for our 2-year-old’s bed room, large sufficient yet not frustrating, and also we like the black light for the glofish. One month after we acquired the fish tank the light button quit altering the light and also transforming it on as well as off. It would certainly acquire stuck on black light, normal light, or off, and also would arbitrarily function for one press, as well as then it quit functioning completely. Great for a reproducing fish tank or a youngster’s very first fish tank. I really did not care a lot for the inner filter and also I was conveniently able to include an exterior one.

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Condensation from the container enters into the light system, which I’m certain was a aspect. The storage tank itself still looks terrific, as well as the filter is going solid– it’s created in a smart method to additionally aerate the water, although I purchased a an air rock anyhow. Will certainly view if I could buy a fluorescent light that will sensibly suit this container Gorgeous sight via the fish tank with rounded advantages so you do not miss out on a factor. The filter is a little effective for the dimension of the storage tank as well as makes a relaxing noise. Not as murmur silent as others had actually stated however I enjoy the water motion sound.

My storage tank showed up in one item. The bowed sides of the storage tank dramatically misshape the sight right into the fish tank or best cordless drill which is rather irritating. Thinking the pump as well as filter proceed to work for a lengthy time, then, it’s worth it. Spoken to the producer by e-mail and also never ever obtained a reaction, so let down regarding that. We have actually had it for regarding 15 months now as well as various other compared to the lights there have actually been no issues.

I have a container and also the filter heating system and also it is a little tough to obtain the power cables to leave the fish tank without raising the cover. The lights are intense and also the switch is very easy to utilize. Love my little fish tank (as well as so does my beta) other than for one factor … I have the filter as reduced as feasible in the storage tank. Perhaps my water degree isn’t really high sufficient, yet I obtain a HEAP of water accumulation on the cover when I have the storage tank shut. I do not connect in the light due to the fact that I’m concerned concerning all of the water up there. With the “optimal water level” lines, should the water be as high as the top line? As the base? Between?

I likewise acquired little heating units for my 3 containers as well as my infant cichlids enjoy it and also are increasing. As quickly as they expand past the treat dimension, I’ll place them into a bigger tank with their family and continue using these containers for the fry. The included filters handle the containers well.